Ray Koppe Young Writers' Residency Winner 2012

The ASA is pleased to announce that this year's assessors have selected Dimitra Harvey as the successful applicant for the 2012 Ray Koppe Young Writers' Residency. This entitles Dimitra to one week at Varuna, The Writers' House, located in Katoomba NSW.

The assessors made the following statement:

Dimitra is working on a contemporary verse novel 'Poems from Saru' whose narrative, simultaneously classical and futuristic, is informed by rich, exotic descriptions and sinuous rhythms of the sort Ezra Pound had in mind when he exhorted poets to 'make it new'.

Dimitra promises to contribute to the recent and increasing popularity of the verse novel in Australia. Her work is both lyrical and visceral; she is a graceful and talented writer whose rich word-choice and supple syntax hold the attention from first word to last. Assessors also appreciated her articulate application, which offered ample proof of Dimitra's achievements to date and of how such a residency might benefit her further development.

Assessors also commended for their applications: Sian Campbell, Lisa Dowdall, Kate O'Donnell and Jessica Rose.

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