Listed below are just a few of the ASA's major historical achievements in campaigining for authors and illustrators' professional interests. For more information on our history and past achievements see Status and Sugar: A History of the Australian Society of Authors 1963-2013 by Stephany Steggall.

Lending rights

The ASA successfully campaigned for Public Lending Right (PLR) in 1975 and Educational Lending Right (ELR) in 2000. The PLR scheme makes payments to eligible Australian creators and publishers whose books are held in public lending libraries. The ELR scheme makes similar payments for books held in educational libraries.

Copyright Agency

The ASA was instrumental in setting up the Copyright Agency, which pays creators whose work is copied under statutory licence. This work has resulted in payments totalling nearly $100 million in 2005 being available for creators.

Australian Copyright Council

The ASA helped set up the Australian Copyright Council which provides information to the public on intellectual property issues.

International Authors Forum

In 2014 the ASA was instrumental in establishing a new voice for authors, the International Authors Forum (IAF). The ASA was one of the founding group of author organisations and remains on the Steering Committee.

The IAF is a membership body that provides a forum for discussion and debate as well as means of developing proposals for action in support of authors’ interests globally. As a permanent platform based in London, the IAF ensures that the voice of authors is also heard alongside others with rights and interests in creators’ work, such as publishers and libraries.

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