ASA Mentorships

Have a first draft but don’t know how to improve it? Need help with structure or character development? Looking for professional support to strengthen your manuscript?

The ASA offers paid mentorships to all published and unpublished writers and picture book illustrators with a work-in-progress. Writers work closely with their chosen mentor for a set number of hours within a particular time period, to help bring their work to a publishable standard. Discussion may take place in person and/or via phone, Skype and email. embers may nominate their mentor of choice from our Mentors' Register (below).

All times including the reading time for your manuscript and all prices include GST.

 Time  ASA Member Price Non-member price
 5 hours $600 $655
 10 hours $1010 $1065
 15 hours $1425 $1480
 20 hours $1835 $1890
 25 hours $2250 $2305
 30 hours $2660 $2715

For more information or to register your interest, please click here to download our information document, which includes an application form.

Mentors' Register

Click here to download a list of ASA mentors.

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