ASA Papers

ASA produces a number of information papers, available in both PDF and ePub formats. Pick one and download both versions to compare the experience of reading. Some papers are free to everyone, others free to members-only and $11 to non-members.

Which format should I choose?

PDF: If you are planning to read the book on your laptop or desktop computer (or print the file), a PDF is your best choice. On a computer, PDF is viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Digital Editions (for Windows or Mac). PDF is recommended for large screens and can be good for viewing on tablet computers such as the Apple iPad, but is not recommended for small screen devices like mobile phones. PDFs can be read on the majority of dedicated eReading devices, ie., Kindle, Kobo, Sony eReader. However, if you are planning to use one of these devices we recommend reading about other available formats before making a purchase decision.

ePub: If you have a handheld eReading device such as the Apple iPad, iPhone, Kobo or Sony eReader, use the ePub edition. Depending on your device settings (and the eReading application you use), you may be able to increase the size of the text, change the font, highlight and make notes in the text. Please note that while most personal computers can read ePubs, you will probably have to install special software to do so, as most computers do not come with ePub reading software pre-loaded. We recommend Adobe Digital Editions, which is free to download from the Adobe website:

Please note that the ePub format is not supported by Kindle.

mobi: The mobi file is intended for use on a Kindle eReader.

Please note that the ePub format is not supported by Kindle.

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