Australian Society of Authors 

The Australian Society of Authors is run by its CEO under the direction of a Chair and an elected Board of Directors of a maximum of fourteen members. Every year half the Board completes their two-year term and steps off the Board, although the constitution allows for their immediate nomination for election to a further two-year term. > more
A full list of ASA staff and their positions along with a brief bio including industry knowledge and experience. > more
To be the principal advocate for the professional and artistic interests of Australian authors by: protecting basic rights to freedom of expression; working to improve income and conditions; promoting Australian writing and literary culture. > more

The ASA was instrumental in setting up the Copyright Agency, the Australian Copyright Council and in 2014 the International Authors Forum. The ASA successfully campaigned for Public Lending Right in 1975 and Educational Lending Right in 2000. The ASA is continually acting as an advocate for the rights of professional authors. Visit campaigns page for details.

The ASA sets minimum rates for pay and conditions for authors and illustrators, and publishes books, papers and lists for emerging and established writers. We run a national program of professional development seminars as well as a regular program of awards, fellowships and opportunities for authors and illustrators. Members receive our journal, Australian Author, and regular newsletters throughout the year. We provide a contract assessment service, run mentorships for new and emerging writers and offer advice about writing, copyright and publishing. Membership fees are tax-deductible expenses for professional writers.

The Australian Society of Authors is the professional association for Australia's literary creators. The ASA:

  • sets minimum rates of pay and conditions for writers and illustrators;  
  • publishes books, contracts and papers  for emerging and established authors;  
  • maintains a trust fund to defend the rights of copyright holders;
  • lobbies governments at all levels to promote authors and illustrators' professional interests in areas such as copyright, moral rights, and taxation;  
  • represents its membership to policy-making bodies, and on the boards of copyright collecting and lending rights agencies;  
  • works with arts organisations, booksellers, publishers, writers' centres and literary agents on campaigns and research projects;  
  • coordinates special interest groups for children's writers and illustrators, academics, Indigenous writers, isolated writers and translators;  
  • conducts and contributes to research on issues concerning Australian literary creators;
  • assists members through its Benevolent Fund.

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