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By Sophie Masson (Keesing Press)
This book examines how the rapidly changing publishing landscape has affected the careers of Australian authors, both by providing opportunities and creating challenges. To better understand contemporary authorship and the book industry, Sophie Masson interviewed over forty authors, publishers and agents, based in Australia and overseas. > more
Australian Society of Authors (Keesing Press)
Australian Books Contracts is a clause-by-clause guide to the ASA’s approved book publishing and illustrator’s contracts. It gives definitions, explanations and advice that can be applied to all publishing contracts. > more
Lynne Spender (Keesing Press)
An invaluable resource and an entertaining read, Between the Lines was commissioned by the ASA in response to daily questions about legal issues from writers and illustrators: protecting copyright; ensuring against defamation; understanding contracts, agent agreements and royalty statements; approaching ethical issues; and much more. > more
Edited by Phillipa McGuinness (NewSouth)
Writers, musicians, filmmakers, gamers, lawyers and academics talk about why copyright matters to them – or doesn’t.We expect to be able to log on and read, watch or listen to anything, anywhere, anytime. Then copy it, share it, quote it, sample it, remix it.  > more
By Emma Noble (Xoum)
The book world has changed dramatically thanks to the digital revolution. Now, anyone with a great book idea and the time to write it can become a published author. But what happens when your masterpiece goes out into the world? How do you make your book stand out from the crowd and find your readers? > more
Rhonda Whitton and Sheila Hollingworth (Keesing Press)
You’ve finished drafting and polishing your manuscript. So what happens next? > more
Stephany Steggall (Keesing Press)
Status and Sugar: A History of the Australian Society of Authors 1963-2013 uncovers the historical, cultural and political environments which both led to the creation of the ASA and shaped many of its activities over the last fifty years. > more
Edited by Colleen Parker (Fellowship of Australian Writers NSW Inc.)
This ‘go to’ guide to successful writing has been developed by members of the NSW branch of the Fellowship of Australian Writers. There are many genres, so where a member didn’t submit a particular topic or skill, we called upon professionals’ help. Unlock the Writer Within is a valuable resource for all writers; amateur and professional. > more
By Euan Mitchell (OverDog Press)
Do you want to write and publish your first book but don't know where to start? Or are you an experienced writer who wants to know how to take advantage of the revolutionary new developments in making and marketing ebooks and print books? Your Book Publishing Options is Australia's guide for new and experienced writers to take charge of their creative and business choices. > more
Lynne Spender (Keesing Press)
Did you know that anything you create – in print or online – can be the subject of a complaint or action against you? Would you know what to do if you were accused of defamation? Do you understand censorship laws and the repercussions they may have on your career? > more
Lynne Spender (Keesing Press)
On average, writers earn the lowest income of all practising artists in Australia. This makes getting paid appropriately and quickly vital. Money Matters explains what authors should be paid in the many roles they play. > more
Lynne Spender (Keesing Press)
Between the Lines: Chapter ThreeUnderstanding your publishing contract is essential, even if you have an agent. Your contract sets out not only what you’ll get paid for your work, but how your work may be used. Unless you have some legal training, you may find it difficult to comprehend what is meant by the clauses in your contract. > more
By Les Zigomanis
You’ve written and published a book, and you have the first hot copy in your hands. You’re an author! The world is fantastic!  Just wait until everybody reads your book!There’s one question that remains to be answered though: What’s next? > more

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