Tax policy for authors/artists

The ASA continues to campaign for exempting literary awards, prizes and grants from taxation.

Most recently, on 21 September 2015 ASA Chair, David Day, wrote to Senator Mitch Fifield, Minister for the Arts, on this issue:

"A recent survey revealed that the average income of authors has dropped over the last decade or so from about $20,000 to just $11,000. As just one example of this, you may have read about Richard Flanagan, who had just published The Narrow Road to the Deep North and was contemplating the prospect of working in a Tasmanian mine. It was only winning the Booker Prize that allowed him to continue his vocation as an author. As you may know, the government already awards the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards free of tax. It’s time that other approved literary prizes be accorded the same treatment. It would cost little, perhaps $500,000, but would be a major encouragement to our leading and upcoming authors."

Read David Day's full letter here.

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