ASA campaigns benefit all authors, both members and non-members. Below is information on some our past and current campaigns. Specific submissions to government and policy-making bodies are on the Submissions page.

The Australian book industry publishes more than 7000 titles every year,generating $2 billion in revenue,investing $120 million in Australian books and their promotion, > more
The ASA has joined the International Authors Forum (IAF), which represents over 300,000 authors through 50 author-member organisations worldwide, in calling on publishers to support its new Ten Principles > more
In 2015 the Australian Society of Authors joined hundreds of arts organisations and individual artists in calling on the Commonwealth Government to restore national arts funding to the Australia Council. > more
The ASA continues to campaign to the Federal government for the introduction of Digital Lending Right for ebooks. Currently the Federal government makes annual payments to Australian creators and publishers whose books are held in public and educational lending libraries. > more
The ASA believes that authors should receive as a minimum the same dollar amount from each e-book sale as a print book sale, and should therefore aim for a minimum royalty return of 35% of the publisher's receipts for the eBook retailer. > more
The ASA continues to campaign for exempting literary awards, prizes and grants from taxation.Most recently, on 21 September 2015 ASA Chair, David Day, wrote to Senator Mitch Fifield, Minister for the Arts, on this issue: > more
The ASA is concerned with protecting the rights of creators in the digital environment and has responded to the ALRC Issues Paper, 'Copyright and the Digital Economy' here. > more

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