CAUL/ASA Fellowship

The Council of Australian University Libraries (CAUL) and the Australian Society of Authors (ASA) are delighted to invite applications for the 2016 CAUL/ASA Fellowships. The primary goal of the fellowships is to showcase university libraries’ special collections by providing Australian creators such as authors, artists, scholars and researchers with an opportunity to undertake inspiring projects using these collections.

Two $10,000 fellowships are available in non-salary funding for visiting artists, authors, scholars and researchers working on projects related to the collections. More details on the collections and the application process are available on the CAUL website. Applications are open from 16 May until 14 June.

Margie Jantti, CAUL President explained: “The breadth and depth of special collections can be considered a hallmark of contemporary research libraries. Australian university libraries play a significant role in the development and curation of special, and often unique, collections. Our successful collaboration with the Australian Society of Authors has inspired and will continue to inspire creative and cultural outputs for the nation, and beyond.”

The 2015 CAUL/ASA Fellows have recently completed their fellowships. Dr Michael Davis, Honorary Research Fellow at the Sydney Environment Centre, The University of Sydney used his fellowship to undertake research for his project “The Making of Aboriginal Heritage: Leonhard Adam and Anthropology” at the University of Melbourne. Dr Davis will publish his research in various academic history, archive and heritage journals.

The second fellowship was used by Dr Catherine Bell, Senior Lecturer in Visual Arts, ACU Gallery Director (VIC) and National Course Director of the Bachelor of Visual Arts & Design Degree at the Australian Catholic University for “a studio investigation of sculptor Daphne Mayo's role in shaping Brisbane's cultural identity” using the Fryer Library at the University of Queensland.  Dr Bell has created six collages that “playfully use scale to talk about the enormity of Daphne Mayo’s artistic contribution to the cultural landscape of Brisbane.”  Dr Bell is also working on a children’s collage art workshop as well as a series of ceramic works from sketches in Daphne Mayo’s visual diaries.

The fellowships have been made possible through a grant from the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund. The 2015 winners of the fellowship were Dr Michael Davis and Dr Catherine Bell. The 2014 winner was Dr Lyndon Megarrity.

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