Lynne Spender (Keesing Press)

Between the Lines: Chapter Three

Understanding your publishing contract is essential, even if you have an agent. Your contract sets out not only what you’ll get paid for your work, but how your work may be used. Unless you have some legal training, you may find it difficult to comprehend what is meant by the clauses in your contract. Spender’s Contracts clarifies the meanings and ramifications of contract terms, making it an essential read for all literary creators. It includes information on digital publishing, self-publishing, termination and typical problem clauses.

This latest revised chapter of Lynne Spender’s Between the Lines: A legal guide for writers and illustrators covers many of the contracts you may encounter as an author or illustrator. In plain English, Contracts unveils some of the more complex aspects of publishing and agent agreements, as well as contracts for commissioned works, freelancers and ghostwriting. 

ISBN: 9780975208397

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