Defamation and Censorship

Lynne Spender (Keesing Press)

Between the Lines: Chapter One

Did you know that anything you create – in print or online – can be the subject of a complaint or action against you? Would you know what to do if you were accused of defamation? Do you understand censorship laws and the repercussions they may have on your career? As a literary creator, it’s important to be aware the potential legal implications that may arise from your work, even if you’re writing fiction.

Defamation and Censorship explains the laws that govern these matters and outlines what you need to do if action is taken against you. It is the first instalment of the newly revised edition of Lynne Spender’s Between the lines: A legal guide for writers and illustrators, which was originally published in 2004. The second edition will be published in individual chapters during 2012 and 2013.

ISBN 9780975208366

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