Writing with Kate Forsyth: Creating Characters that Spring to Life


Date & Time
Friday 7 April 2017. 11.30am-12.30pm Sydney time

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Why is it some books you read linger in your heart and mind for the rest of your life, while you have trouble remembering much about another book only a few days later? Is it because those books you remember have characters that leap off the page, vivid and alive?

Character is the mainspring of any story’s mechanics. And it is also the aspect of creative writing that many authors find most difficult.

In this hour-long workshop, Kate Forsyth discusses her own techniques for creating characters and talks about character arcs, deep point of view, dynamic versus static characters and much more. Time will also be left for questions.

This series is likely to book out, so book early to avoid disappointment.

About the presenter

Kate Forsyth wrote her first novel aged seven, and has now sold more than a million books internationally. Her novels for adults include The Beast’s Garden, a retelling of ‘Beauty & the Beast’ set in Nazi Germany; The Wild Girl, the story of the forbidden romance behind the Grimm brothers' fairy tales; and Bitter Greens, a retelling of Rapunzel set in Renaissance Venice which won the 2015 American Library Association Award for Best Historical Fiction. Kate’s children’s novels include the hugely popular The Impossible Quest; The Puzzle Ring, a timeslip adventure set during the days of Mary, Queen of Scots; and the award-winning The Gypsy Crown, set during the English Civil War. Voted one of Australia's Favourite 15 Novelists, Kate has a doctorate in fairy tale studies and is an accredited master storyteller.

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