National Writers' Congress 2013

The digital revolution has delivered further means and opportunities for the creation and distribution of texts and images. But along with potential benefits, new challenges have arisen for those who seek to earn from literary creativity. To better guide their own activity, authors need, at the very least, to be  informed on developing trends in reading and publishing, changes occurring in writing practices, and the options for electronic dissemination of their work.

On Thursday 17 – Saturday 19 October 2013 the ASA presented a National Writers' Congress for authors, illustrators and industry practitioners to examine the questions and explore the future possibilities for Australian authorship. The Congress was a place to converge, discuss, identify the issues and define where we go next – by 2020, with 20/20 vision.

Video recordings of Congress presentations available to view. Click on the headings below. An eight page summary of the National Writers' Congress by Jacqueline Breen is also available for download. Click here.

Colin Simpson Memorial Lecture: Melissa Lucashenko

The Fundamentals: Anna Funder

The Fundamentals: Rosie Scott

Who is reading?

The panel: Libby Gleeson (Chair), Richard Glover, Jan Richards, Jon Page

Copyright: right or wrong?

The panel: Peter Banki (Chair, not in photo), Trish Hepworth, Michael Fraser AM, Angelo Loukakis


The author's identity: voice vs career





The panel: Anthony Loewenstein, Susan Johnson, Jane McCredie (Chair)

Launch: Status and Sugar: A History of the Australian Society of Authors 1963-2013

Launched by Linda Gumbert, with speech by Stephany Steggall

Commercialisation: the business of authorship

The panel: Angelo Loukakis (Chair, not in photo) Sandy Grant, Steven Lewis, Ally Blake, Joel Naoum


A professional life: kinds of sustainability

The panel: Tony Maniaty (Chair, not in photo), Sophie Hamley, Kate Forsyth, Sophie Masson


A 'National Cultural Policy' or more 'Australian Content'?

The panel: Jill Eddington (Chair, not in photo), Stuart Glover, Sophie Cunningham, Meg Vann


Recording of the ASA National Writers' Congress was supported by the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund. The 2013 ASA National Writers' Congress was supported by both the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund and the Australia Council for the Arts.

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