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Dear Members,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that our new fully integrated database and website has been launched. Along with the new system comes an updated ASA logo, new website design and improved website navigation.

Inevitably with a new system comes a little administration, so we hope you might take a few moments now to perform some simple house-keeping to get our website/database working smoothly for you, and to take advantage of some exciting new features:

1. Log in. 

Your username for our new website is your email address. Unfortunately, we have not been able to retain passwords from our old website, so please set a new one here

2. Check your details

Due to some anomalies that occurred when we exported membership data from our old database, some information, such as member websites, literary agents and privacy preferences, could not be imported into our new system. We hope you might take a moment now to add any missing information to your membership record. Just go to My Account - My Membership and click on the Update details tab.

3. Add your email subscription preferences

Our new system allows you to control your email subscription preferences. All members have been automatically subscribed to our fortnightly newsletter and to emails about events in their state capital city, as well as online. To change any of these preferences just go to My Account - My Membership, click on the Update details tab. and look for Subscription Preferences.

4. Opt in to the digital edition of Australian Author magazine

Our new system also allows you to choose to receive either a print copy of Australian Author or a full-colour digital flip-book edition, suitable for both computer and tablet reading.

All members have been automatically subscribed to receive our print magazine. To change your preference just go to My Account - My Membership, click on the Update details tab. and look for Subscription Preferences.

5. Member logo

The ASA has a special logo that you can use on your website, letterhead or social media to let people know you're a proud member of the ASA! The member logo is available for download under Your account - Member resources - Member logo.

6. Member discounts 

The ASA has organised some generous discounts to industry subscriptions and publications on your behalf. If you haven't already done so, take a moment to check out these offers by visiting Your account - Member resources - Discounts.

7. Ask the ASA

Been following our members-only "Ask the ASA" advice column in our fortnightly newsletter? Want to refer back to any of our advice? Ask the ASA is now fully archived in Your account - Member resources - Ask the ASA.

8. Add your new employment-focused member portfolio

The ASA receives regular enquiries from both organisations and the public seeking information about writers available for hire on a variety of paid projects. We intend to make the ASA a hub for organisations and individuals seeking authors for such work opportunities, which is why we'd like as many of you as possible to visit our website now and load your employment-focused portfolios. Just log in using your email address and password and go to My Account - Add/Update Member Portfolio.

A reminder to be able to use all of the great member features mentioned, please set your new password here.

Over the next few weeks and months, we'll be introducing you to some more of our exciting new features in a little more detail. But for now, I thank you all for your patience, enthusiasm and encouragement. We hope you enjoy our new system and look forward to spending more of our time focusing on advocacy, support and advice for you all.

Kind regards,

Juliet Rogers, CEO

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