Pledge to #respectcreators with 'This Book Changed My Life'


Australian creativity. What does it mean to you?
Cleverman? Priscilla? Those “Flame Trees” that “blind the weary driver”? Cloudstreet? “You’re terrible Muriel!”
We each have our favourite Australian touchstones. We grew up with them, we swayed, jumped, kissed and cried to them. They have helped define who we are and continue to reflect the best and worst of our changing culture.
To emphasise the value we, as a nation, place on Australian creativity, the rights management organisations, the Copyright Agency and APRA AMCOS, have launched a positive campaign This Book/Song Changed My Life – where the public is invited to name the book, song, poem, painting, play or any other creative work – that made an enormous difference to their lives.

Australian writers and entertainers such as Mental As Anything musician and Mambo artist Reg Mombassa, international crime author Tara Moss, Sam Margin from the 2016 Triple J Hottest-100-winners The Rubens, The Project’s creator Rove McManus and Channel Ten’s Joe Hildebrandkicked off the campaign naming their favourite works, and have quickly been joined by top authors Matthew Reilly, Jackie French, Michael Robotham and Anna Funder.

At the website, you can post about your own experience, and you have the option to make a pledge to #respectcreators too by:
·         paying for the creative products you enjoy
·         asking permission to use other people’s work
·         crediting creators when you use their work, and
·         letting others know that you #respectcreators

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