Prose Anthology Rates

Minimum rates for previously published material

Price per 1000 words:

  • Where the RRP is less than $25 = $135.00
  • Where the RRP is $25 - $39 = $205.00
  • Where the RRP is $40 - $55 = $267.00

NB: The minimum rate of $135.00 applies for work under 1000 words. Works over 1000 words are calculated as a proportion of the price per 1000 words.

For example, a 1800 word story in an anthology with an RRP of $24.95 would be calculated as: 1.8 x $135 = $243.00

Minimum rates for original material

The rates above apply to work which has already been published. Where material for an anthology is specifically commissioned or previously unpublished, a minimum rate of $325.00 per 1000 words or part thereof should be paid in addition to the minimum rate for previously published material. These rates apply to all kinds of anthologised prose. For example, if an original work with a word count of 700 words is being included in an anthology retailing at $24.95, the minimum recommended rate is $325 + $135 = $460.

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