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Getting published? Not sure what your contract means? Not sure whether your contract measures up to industry standards? Get advice first!

In an effort to provide you with the best advice on your publishing contract, the ASA is delighted to be trialing a partnership with the Arts Law Centre of Australia. Together, the ASA and Arts Law can continue to provide you with a comprehensive industry assessment of your publishing offer, plus a legal review of the terms of the contract.

Our contract assessment service is offered to our members and members of a state writers' centre on the following types of contracts:

  • publishing contracts (whether print or digital or both)
  • publishing services agreements
  • commissioned work agreements
  • ghostwriting agreements
  • literary agent agreements
  • distribution agreements

You will receive a legal review of your contract, as well as advice on whether your contract conforms to ASA recommendations for writers entering into publishing contracts. The assessment process will take up to ten working days.

Here's what one of our members had to say about the service:

"Thank you for getting the assessment arranged so speedily and for the quality of the advice. I’m deeply impressed with the amount of work the assessor has put into reading and commenting on my contract."
Steven Lang, author

Please note, that while we are willing to look at overseas agreements, our service is based on Australian laws, Australian industry standards and ASA policy, so any advice on overseas contracts is general in nature.

The ASA's contract assessment service is confidential. Your contract will be read by staff members of the ASA and Arts Law. Your personal information, such as contact details, will be provided to Arts Law and held and used for the purposes of providing you with advice on your contract. Such information will not be disclosed to any other third parties.


In light of the expanded and enhanced nature of our contract assessment service and the expertise provided by Arts Law, there has been an increase in the cost of a contract assessment for 2017.

  • ASA member $195
  • Writers' centre member $245

The cost of a contract assessment is heavily subsidised and we have endeavoured to contain costs as much as possible.

How to book

1. Complete a contract assessment request below and attach a clean copy of your contract.
2. You will receive a confirmation email within 3 working days. This email will include instructions on how to pay.
3. Once payment has been received your contract will be assessed and a written report returned to you within 7 working days. (ie. The entire process will take a maximum of 10 working days.)

Any questions? Please email us at

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