Status and Sugar: a History of the ASA 1963-2013

Stephany Steggall (Keesing Press)

Status and Sugar: A History of the Australian Society of Authors 1963-2013 uncovers the historical, cultural and political environments which both led to the creation of the ASA and shaped many of its activities over the last fifty years. From its uncertain beginnings and membership of only 64 to its current role as the peak national organisation advocating for author and illustrator rights, the ASA’s past and present campaigns are examined through Steggall’s carefully researched narrative.

Behind these activities is the driving force of the ASA: its councillors and members. Steggall skilfully portrays the personalities who’ve advanced the ASA’s causes: Dal Stivens, Barbara Jefferis, Frank Moorhouse, Thomas Keneally, Robert Pullan and so many others. Opinions have frequently differed and battles have rarely been won with ease. While Steggall captures these challenges and controversies, one universal quality emerges throughout the organisation’s history: those involved are passionate about Australia’s literary creators and work tirelessly to support them. It is this passion that will propel the ASA into the next fifty years.

ISBN 9780987488305 (paperback)

ISBN 9780987488312 (eBook)

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