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We provide training and mentorships to support your professional development. We run awards and opportunities for you to achieve creative recognition.


We provide model contracts as well as detailed information papers to expand your professional knowledge. We provide contract assessment and individual advice on your professional practice.



  • Pitch Perfect Melbourne (limited places left)

    Developing a pitch is a crucial part of getting your book into focus. This course helps you refine your pitch, choose the best publishers to approach and get the right publication outcome for your manuscript. It will also help you understand where your work fits in and how to get it read.

    ‘Pitch Perfect’ is designed for authors of fiction and non-fiction for teens and above. It is not designed for authors of picture books, or books for young children.

    - Melbourne
  • Writing with Kate Forsyth: How to Plot a Novel

    In this hour-long workshop, Kate Forsyth shares some of the most effective plotting tools that she has discovered in her twenty years of writing and teaching. She is also happy to answer your plotting questions.

    This series is likely to book out, so book early to avoid disappointment.

    - Online video conference
  • Masterclass: Plot Sydney (limited places left)

    A highly structured masterclass for published writers already working on a novel, or with one in mind. Ideal for writers of non-fiction wanting to make the leap into fiction, for short story writers wanting to write a novel, or for emerging novelists, this one day masterclass will focus on the skills and approaches particular to the novel. Using intensive writing exercises, you'll find your way to the heart of your novel, developing an understanding of character, story, style and – most importantly – structure. How does one create a character who will lead the novel? What are the crucial questions that you need to address? Group discussion, writing exercises focused tightly on your novel, laughter and the opportunity to really stretch yourself will characterise this course. At the end of the day, you will know what you need to make your novel really sing.

    Applicants will be asked to submit a brief outline of their writing history and their current fiction project.

    - Sydney
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