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The ASA exists thanks to the support of our members, some 3000 professional and aspiring authors and illustrators. If you want to join in our advocacy initiatives or need our support and advice, join the ASA today.


  • Get free access to all of the ASA's standard contracts and info papers for authors and illustrators on professional matters including publishing, copyright and legal concerns.
  • Get free, exclusive access to fortnightly advice columns in the ASA newsletter.
  • Get discounted access to the ASA's contract assessment service which provides a full commercial and legal reading of your contract.
  • Get exclusive access to advice from our experienced staff on a wide range of industry issues.
  • Get discounts on all books in our shop covering a range of subjects including getting published and professional skills for authors and illustrators.
  • Get discounts to selected industry databases and publications.


"I'm a member because the ASA helps me understand my rights."

Julie Koh, author of Capital Misfits and Portable Curiosities

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"I'm a member because in the changing world of publishing the ASA keeps me well-informed with information, training and resources."

Jessica White, author of A Curious Intimacy and Entitlement

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  • Support the ASA to campaign for your right to robust copyright protections, fair contracts, access to funding, lending rights and other work conditions.
  • Support the ASA to set minimum recommended rates of pay for book publishing, illustrating, public appearances, judging literary competitions and more.

None of our campaigning or lobbying efforts would be possible without the support of our members.


"I'm a member because the ASA fights on behalf of authors and illustrators for copyright, fair contracts and industry standards."

Andy Griffiths, New York Times bestselling author of the Treehouse series, the JUST! series, The Day My Bum Went Psycho and others

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Who we represent

The ASA represents everyone who writes or illustrates for publication. Our members range from Miles Franklin award-winning novelists to aspiring authors just starting out. Our members write and illustrate in all genres, for all readerships. Whether you work in fiction or non-fiction, produce novels, short stories or journalism, write literary fiction, crime, romance, sci-fi or fantasy, publish for adults or children's and young adults, through the traditional market or self-publishing, you'll find a place in the ASA.

"As authors we spend most of our time alone – we don’t speak much – but the ASA is there for us, speaking and fighting for us.”

Markus Zusak, author of The Book Thief


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